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Dear Alpena FMC Family,

We have had new developments since my posting on the Alpena Free Methodist Church Facebook page yesterday (3/14). Please note – we will NOT meet together at Church this Sunday, March 15 and probably for a few weeks following. All the Free Methodist Churches of the East Michigan Conference FMC received a directive from our Superintendent Brad Button yesterday which began this way:

“We take seriously the well-being of our congregations, ministry staffs, and represented communities. In collaboration with leaders from across the East Michigan Conference and beyond we have developed guidance for how to move forward. We have been seeking the Lord for godly wisdom in responding to the realities around us. We know that leadership matters and times of uncertainty afford us the opportunity to demonstrate who we are and what we are about.
In conjunction with guidance from our Board of Bishops of the Free Methodist Church – USA, along with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for Community and Faith-Based Organizations, and evolving legal restrictions, I am directing you to suspend all in-person worship services, church gatherings and activities effective immediately through April 6th in response to the COVID-19 virus realities.”

We have hardware on the way which should allow us to do live video feeds of our worship services online in future weeks as needed. We will get the information of how to access these worship services to you at that time. For this Sunday, I hope to have a live video on Facebook at 10:30am (not such great video quality this Sunday - but better the following week)
I will be trying to phone each of your households this week, just to check in with you and encourage you. Those of us who are healthy may want to get together to pray, study the scripture, and maybe take part in worship together via the live videos we will put out. We will find ways to be the Church and serve our community and care for one another during this time. Use your phones, video calls, etc – and let’s all check up on each other this week.

If you want to send in the Lord’s tithes and/or offerings via mail – the address is: Alpena FMC, 175 N Ripley BLVD, Alpena, MI, 49707.
Listen, God loves you and I love you – and we will get through this time and the difficulties that are imposed on us. I believe that if we follow Jesus in all things during this time we will be blessed and will increase in our ability to be a blessing to our community through what the Holy Spirit teaches us.

In the love of Jesus,

Pastor Rich

Committed To Love

At our core, we are committed to love. We are called to live holy lives. We are expected to engage a needy world. We are empowered to serve without needless restrictions. All of our structures encourage these priorities. We believe the Great Commission requires the transformation of individuals and societies by God’s power and love and for His glory.



Sunday Worship @ 10:30am

Services offer a mix of  contemporary music and traditional hymns, and teachings from the Old and New Testament in a way that can be understood and used in your daily walk of life. Sunday School for adults and children is held weekly at 9:30 am. Our Nursery is available during worship service for children ages birth to 3 years. We welcome you just as you are.

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