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Unrecorded Sermons (notes)


Pastor Rob Keyes      03/03/19

Mt. 4:1-11, I Tim. 4:7-8, Isa. 58, I Kings 21: 27-29, Mt. 6:16-18, Jonah

Fasting is the voluntary absence of food (or other things) for spiritual purposes.

It is meant to increase your hunger for God.

It pleases God and can change you for the better.

It is a way of humbling yourself.

It can be a sign of repentance.

It is a form of spiritual discipline.

It is not a form of punishment.

It should not make you grouchy and irritable.

It is not meant to impress others.

It should not make you judgmental or prideful.

It should not make you legalistic.

When fasting, start small and break a long fast slowly- don't kill yourself!

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